Below you will find information on our static XMLTV feeds for you to consume. The feeds are updated usually no more than once in a 24 hour window, so repeated downloads of the same feed throughout the day is unnecessary.

Most HTTP 1.1 XMLTV parsers will support the HEAD method, our servers do support HEAD requests for XMLTV feeds to avoid repetitive downloads of the same feed without any modifications.

Those consumers that repeativly download the same file at short intervals will be perceived as abusing the feed, this may result in that ip address becoming banned from the feed until resolving the issue. We do understand the need to test feeds and have considered this in our thresholds.

We supply two types of XMLTV feeds, limited and all. The limited version of a feed will span a longer time frame but not contain supporting and extended details of an event. Feeds marked as all will contain synopsis but have a shorter time span to reduce filesize.

* We may periodically change the XMLTV feed URL to ensure all consumers pulling XMLTV resource are still required.
Sat Apr 7 2018 9:22:28 GMT+0100 (BST)

6721All 24 HourAll data for 24 hours since last update.24 hoursTue Jan 22 2019 02:43:26 GMT+0000 (GMT)5.97MB
6145All 24 Hour EntertainmentAll data for 24 hours since last update for entertainment channels24 hoursTue Jan 22 2019 02:40:48 GMT+0000 (GMT)0.57MB
6128All 24 Hour MoviesAll data for 24 hours since last update for movie channels24 hoursTue Jan 22 2019 02:44:27 GMT+0000 (GMT)0.12MB
6187All 24 Hour SportsAll data for 24 hours since last update for sports channels24 hoursTue Jan 22 2019 02:41:49 GMT+0000 (GMT)0.27MB
6729All 48 HourAll data for 48 hours since last update48 hoursTue Jan 22 2019 02:39:45 GMT+0000 (GMT)11.54MB
6715All 72 HourAll data for 72 hours since last update72 hoursTue Jan 22 2019 02:38:01 GMT+0000 (GMT)17.04MB
6793Limited 5 DaysLimited data for 5 days since last update120 hoursTue Jan 22 2019 02:36:12 GMT+0000 (GMT)26.80MB
6784Limited 7 DaysLimited data for 7 days since last update168 hoursTue Jan 22 2019 02:34:16 GMT+0000 (GMT)32.94MB